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Founded on the Principles of our Core Values, Capanna International has established itself as a principle leader in executive recruiting and consulting. Founded in 1995, Capanna International has leveraged its award-winning success, unparalleled perseverance and ability to solve Human-Capital challenges to be recognized as one of the top search firms in the country. It is this drive to succeed and our competitive nature that has earned Capanna International the respect and loyalty of our Clients to build and enhance their organizations and Candidates advance their careers.
Our multi-disciplined 25 Step approach and the incorporation of unquestioned passion allows Capanna International to provide clients and candidates with the competitive and innovative edge so valuable in today’s over-saturated markets.
All of us at Capanna International possess the knowledge, passion , integrity and, most importantly, expertise within the Industries we serve; these are the foundation blocks for building, cultivating and maintaining relationships with Industry Leaders.  Our professional and highly personable approach coupled with our vast network of Colleagues provide Capanna International with the tools to deliver expert solutions from Coast to Coast and Continent to Continent.



As an Industry Expert, You understand how important it is to hire Exceptional Candidates with proven track records in your niche.


So, why would you hire a generalist Firm to help you find that specific Exceptional Talent?

At Capanna International, we focus our efforts on specific industries and positions. Our recruiters work every day in your field. They know their markets, they know the Exceptional Talent and they have helped organizations like yours navigate the exceedingly rapid pace of change.


We specialize in:

  • Outdoor Sports

  • Fitness

  • Powersports

  • General Manufacturing

Let Capanna International put our Innovative Recruitment to work for you.



Why Choose Capanna International?


If you’re in need of Impact Talent for your organization, ask yourself these questions:


Are you an expert at finding, attracting and hiring top talent or recruiting passive candidates?

What do vacant positions cost your company in terms of productivity, morale and Industry reputation?

What is the true cost for you to perform this function?

How much faster can you find the right talent by working with a specialized firm like Capanna International?

The bottom line is recruiting for highly-skilled leaders is incredibly time consuming. Why go it alone?




53 W. Jackson Blvd.

Suite 1332

Chicago, IL 60604

Tel:  (608) 442-6200 


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